HPX是国际化区块链资产交易平台,提供比特币,以太坊,莱特币,海草等主流虚拟数字货币的行情、存取和交易,采用SSL加密,冷热存储分离,分布式服务器等技术,为用户打造最安全便捷的区块链资产交易平台,提供比特币交易,以太坊交易,莱特币交易,提供法币交易,币币交易两种渠道,提供虚拟币API接口交易, 支持24小时实时客服,实时充值,实时提币,为数字货币爱好者打造最安全,高效的交易平台, HPX is an international blockchain asset trading platform. It provides market information and trading of cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, HC and etc. HPX uses SSL SSL encryption, hot and cold storage separation, distributed server and other technologies. It aims to create the most secure and convenient blockchain asset trading platform for users.It provides bitcoin trading, Ethereum trading, Litecoin trading and it has C2C and token-to-token services. HPX provides virtual currency API interface transaction. It supports 7/24 real-time customer service, real-time deposit and real-time withdraw. HPX will create the safest and most efficient trading platform for digital currency lovers.
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