Elevation 1049 is pleased to announce its third winter iteration, Frequencies, featuring ‘Mirage Gstaad’, a new outdoor site-specific sculpture by Los Angeles-based artist Doug Aitken that will remain on view in Gstaad, over the course of two years, reflecting and interacting with the mountain landscape over the changing seasons.Frequencies will also convene for the Feb 1–3 opening weekend a series of transitive and ephemeral performances made exclusively by a group of international women artists from different generations and backgrounds, who will present a program of live performances in various indoor and outdoor locations in and around Gstaad.Elevation 1049: Frequencies is made possible thanks to the generous support of Alex Hank and Maja Hoffmann (Honorary Board), Benefactors and Friends of Elevation 1049. - With: DOUG AITKEN, VANESSA BEECROFT <br/>NINA BEIER, SUZANNE CIANI, DOMINIQUE GONZALEZ-FOERSTER, ZHANA IVANOVA, MARIE KARLBERG, LIZ MAGIC LASER, ISABEL LEWIS, NAAMA TSABAR, MARIANNE VITALE - and more In collaboration with: THE STORE X VINYL FACTORY - Main sponsor: MONCLER
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